Scissor Lift

Scissor Lift - Battery
Max Platform Height 4.5m to 12m
Max Work Height 6.5m to 14m
Lifting Capacity 272kg to 360kg
Power Source Battery
Stowed Height 1.8m to 2.7m

Scissor Lift - Battery

Scissor Lifts with rough terrain capabilities offer competitive lift speed and large, high capacity platforms to increase efficiency on the job site and finish working faster. They also enhance productivity by providing exceptional positive traction, speed, and gradeability. They’re available in electric or bi-energy 2WD with a front active oscillating axle or diesel true 4WD machine with an optional oscillating axle and are the perfect machines when platform workspace and lift capacity are critical both for indoor and big outdoor jobs.

Scissor Lift - RT Diesel
Max Platform Height 7.9m to 16m
Max Work Height 9.7m to 18m
Platform Capacity 450kg to 1 100kg
Power Source Diesel
Stowed Height 2.4m to 3.15m

Scissor Lift - RT Diesel

scissor lift is a powerful bi-energy, eco-friendly solution. First on the jobsite and last to leave, this unit is well-suited for work outdoors on sites where electricity is not available, as well as for indoor or urban applications where noise and emission are prohibited. This construction-oriented workhorse notably features 35% gradeability adapted to demanding outdoor tasks.

scissor lift is built for extra-rugged performance and is able to traverse through uneven rough terrain environments. Built to last, it's ideal to increase operator productivity on demanding outdoor worksites.